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The Exiled
Volume Two Of the Book Of Souls Saga

Since the disappearance of the Book of Souls, Tom McAllister and his team of ex-soldiers have been forced to come to terms with the losses they have endured, and the lives they now lead.


There are rumblings of discontent in the east, and the disappearance of the mystical Book has created an opportunity for an ancient order to return to the realm.

As this new, brutal threat emerges from its exile, Tom and his friends must race to stop the danger before the hard-won peace in the land is shattered. If they cannot stop the new enemy before they reach the capital, the new Lord Protector will fall.

Tom will be called upon once again to risk everything to protect those close to him.

The danger is real. The Exiled are rising!

The Exiled - A Modern Fantasy Epic

The Exiled is now available in hardback, paperback and kindle electronic format exclusively from Amazon. Click on the links below to go to The Exiled page on Amazon.


The Exiled is available in all regional Amazon sites. Search for "The Exiled by Mark Ashbury"

The links above point to the Kindle version of the book.

If you would rather purchase the hardback or paperback edition, you can select them on the Amazon page.

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