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Volume 2 Is Nearly Here!

I've been a bit quiet on here recently, mainly because every waking hour has been spent putting the finishing touches to the draft of Volume 2 of the Book of Souls Saga.

The finished draft has been to the proof readers and I've now got all their edits back, so it is time to get back to the laptop and start making those changes. It's amazing how you can't see what is in front of your face until someone else points it out. Ha ha!

I've got a first bash at the new cover done, so hopefully in the new year, I will be able to start the publishing process for the next volume and you guys will all be able to find out what is in store for Tom and the team. This volume has weighed in at a significantly heftier page count. Let's hope you all enjoy reading Volume 2 as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Stay tuned to find out when you can expect Volume 2 to land on Amazon...

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1 Comment

Brycie Grigor
Brycie Grigor
Dec 16, 2021

Brilliant. Can’t wait.

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