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The Fallen Hits Hinton Magazine's Front Cover

So, at the start of this month I made it onto the front cover of the Hinton Magazine, a London-based online lifestyle and fashion publication. That's a first for me!

There is an interview in this month's issue that delves into the inspirations and motivations behind The Fallen. It also gave me chance to get the black kilt out again.

Originally I was supposed to go into London for a magazine cover photoshoot, but Covid-19 raised it's ugly head again and struck down the photographer the night before we were due to travel down to the city. The outcome was that one of our local friends kindly offered to stand in and we spent an entertaining afternoon in her garden. We got some very odd looks from passers-by as I stood up on the river bank be-kilted with a sword in my hands. Ha Ha!

The photos turned out really well though, so thanks Hat!

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