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Publishing is Tricky!

Wow, so I thought finding a publisher would be tricky, but possible. Hmmmmm...

I submitted my manuscript, all the synopsis info and all the other gubbins that publishers want to a whole heap of literary agents and waited patiently. I did get a couple of nice rejection letters, which was ok I guess, but disappointing. Mostly though, I got nothing back at all.

So then I was faced with the decision... Do I carry on going through this loop of submitting my work to more and more agents in the hope that I strike it lucky? I know that this is what many, if not all, traditionally-published authors have done, but to be honest, as my missus says, I am waaaaay too impatient for that.

Nope... I decided that it was self-publishing time. After all, I never went into this thinking that I was going to be the next Stephen King. It is my furlough project.

Well, I never knew how many self-publishing companies there are out there. There are lots and some of them charge an absolute fortune!

In the end, I opted for Kindle Book Publishing ( I researched the Kindle platform and I could have done all the hard work formatting the manuscript and setting up the accounts, etc, but I figured that Yanina and the guys were willing to do it for me, and their fees were around the amount that I was willing to pay. I know my way around a website and social media promotions so decided that most of what the other companies were offering, I could do for myself (With the able assistant of Lisa of course).

So, after a few email conversations, I decided to go for it! Self-Publishing here we come!

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