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Now all the jobs are done...

Well, Covid-19 definitely changed my plans for the Summer. Rather than being sat at my desk working on corporate websites, I found myself doing every DIY job known to man. All those little jobs that I meant to get round to, but somehow never did.

But, what do you do when you've run out of jobs to do and you can't leave the confines of the house and garden? Watch daytime TV ? I don't think so. Take up knitting? Probably not.

I know... why don't I try to write that book that has been bubbling around in the back of my head for a long, long time?

So that's what I did. Three months of sitting in our summerhouse bent over my Chromebook and my first draft was done. Apologies to my wife, Lisa... Whilst I was out in the sunshine dreaming up new escapades for our heroes, she was still working inside at her real job. Plus, every evening she had to read through what I had written and offer up her opinions... some of which were, to be honest, a tad brutal. :O)

First draft done... so what do I do next? Publishing? How difficult can that be then?



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