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NOW AVAILABLE - The Epic Conclusion to the Book of Souls Trilogy

"The Innocent"

I am thrilled to announce the release of the long-awaited conclusion to the Book of Souls trilogy, "The Innocent."


Get ready for an epic journey through the mystical realm of Zakastra as we follow Captain Tom McAllister and his team on their most daunting adventure yet.

Order your copy now!


The Book of Souls Saga - A Modern Fantasy Epic

The Book of Souls Saga is a series of science fiction action/fantasy novels set in both the south of the United Kingdom and the fantastical otherworldly realm of Zakastra.

The books will appeal to lovers of both action adventures and medieval fantasy quests. There are battles, thrills, danger and a smattering of romance.

Imagine a modern army unit dropped directly into the set of Game of Thrones!


The Book of Souls Saga Features in Hinton Magazine


The first volume in the Book of Souls Saga recently featured in Hinton Online magazine's December issue. The article features an in-depth interview  with the me, and gives some hints as to the background behind the story and where the saga is going.

To read the full article, click on the logo below.

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