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The Innocent
Volume Three Of the Book Of Souls Saga

The land of Zakastra is at peace, and the Magi threat has been eliminated.


Captain Tom McAllister and his team are on a peace-keeping mission with the remnants of the Magi Order, but an unforeseen danger is about to rear its head.

From the east, another enemy plots against the realm, and their quest for revenge could bring chaos and destruction to the realm on an unprecedented scale.  

There is a new weapon being brought to bear on Zakastra, the likes of which the band of friends has not faced before.

In a race against time, Tom and his team  of ex-soldiers will have to seek out this new threat, and find a way to keep it from destroying everything they have fought for.

If they fail, Zakastra will fall.


The Innocent - A Modern Fantasy Epic

The Innocent will be available in hardback, paperback and kindle electronic format exclusively from Amazon. 

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